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If you are looking for the perfect Christmas decorations, these are it! Our removable (not reusable) wall decals are made from die cut vinyl with no background, so our snowflake stickers look like they have been painted on. (Looking for reusable? See link below) Snowflakes add such beauty to windows, doors, walls.. In addition to looking great for winter, or as Christmas stickers, these would even be great for a Winter wedding or a Frozen snowflake birthday party or bedroom. These vinyl snowflake decals, ranging in size from 2" to 5", will make the walls in your home ultra classy. Price includes 15 beautiful snowflakes to decorate your walls with!

Please note these are not reusable once removed. NEED REUSABLE DECORATIONS? See our shop for reusable snowflake window clings!

Our vinyl wall decals are easily removable. Simply use a heat source (hair dryer or heat gun) and peel them off the surface. This makes our winter and Christmas decals a great temporary decoration, or permanent if you so choose. Want to reuse them next year? Apply them to a mirror, canvas, photo frame, shadow box, old window, or wood sign. Please note these are not reusable. Our vinyl decals are unique because they come in MANY color options including 3 holographic glitter options.

-Third photo credit to Family Circle Magazine- 
Primary color
Red Glitter [$27.00]
Gold Glitter [$27.00]
Silver Glitter [$27.00]
Lipstick [$22.00]
burgundy [$22.00]
dahlia red [$22.00]
Pink [$22.00]
Carnation Pink [$22.00]
bubble gum [$22.00]
red [$22.00]
red orange [$22.00]
pastel orange [$22.00]
Maize [$22.00]
yellow [$22.00]
Golden Yellow [$22.00]
lime tree green [$22.00]
Olive Green [$22.00]
green [$22.00]
Dark Green [$22.00]
celadon [$22.00]
mint [$22.00]
turquoise [$22.00]
turquoise blue [$22.00]
teal [$22.00]
geyser blue [$22.00]
Gentian Blue [$22.00]
gentian [$22.00]
Dark Blue [$22.00]
king blue [$22.00]
powder blue [$22.00]
lilac [$22.00]
violet [$22.00]
dark brown [$22.00]
light brown [$22.00]
Nut Brown [$22.00]
beige [$22.00]
gold (metallic) [$22.00]
silver (metallic) [$22.00]
dark grey [$22.00]
middle grey [$22.00]
light grey [$22.00]
white [$22.00]
black [$22.00]